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Biodiversity to Therapeutics...

Guided by extensive clinical development experience, Endocryne is using artificial gene networks to pioneer Natural Product discovery from bench to clinic.

Capitalising on the diversity of Natural Products, our technology enables efficient identification, extraction and screening of target molecules.

Evolution doesn’t stop, neither will Endocryne. We relentlessly pursue new horizons in Natural Product discovery and screening. Learn how Endocryne is reinventing Natural Product discovery through Synthetic Biology.

What better tool than biology to refine what nature has evolved?

Natural Products...

...are the ultimate designer molecules

Our process begins with biodiversity, the original source of drug discovery.

Natural Products convey remarkable pharmacological properties, ranging from anticancer, antiparasitic to immunomodulatory effects.

Did you know that Natural Products are responsible for more than a quarter of New Drug approvals? This includes; 33% of anticancer agents, 58% of antibiotics, 12% of antifungals, and 46% of antiparasitics.

With over 300,000 described, Natural Products are nearly limitless in their therapeutic scope and have evolved for remarkable biological fit.

With the aid of cutting-edge cloning techniques, Endocryne’s platforms are able to not only synthesise ‘raw’ natural products, but also their therapeutically-superior, derivatives.


Bioactive Compounds







Our Technology...

By utilising our proprietary R&D platforms, we can harness a compound’s full therapeutic potential in the most efficient and sustainable way, leveraging artificial biological pathways which exclude the need for chemical synthesis.

It all starts with DNA:

Utilising a mix of next generation sequencing technologies, programming and cutting edge research, Endocryne is creating a new generation of cell factories, specifically optimised for the production of highly potent therapeutics.

Inserting these sequences into an easy-to-grow organism enables us to better predict how the organism will behave and optimise outputs. We then ferment our organisms under standardised conditions to a high-cell density, purify and test.

Breaking from the crowd:

Expertise in molecular biology, cloning and strain development has enabled us to further develop this process by creating new organism variants with a series of implanted desired characteristics. All inspired by nature.

Sensing the future:

Once produced, compounds can be difficult to group according to biological fit.

Endocryne has solved this by developing customised biological circuitry and biosensor platforms which can characterise compounds, categorising assets by mechanism of action and therapeutic fit prior to further testing. This added quality control step gives us unprecedented insight into biological modes of action for even the most difficult of targets.

Sustainable Drug Development:

As drug development costs continue to rise, Endocryne’s biologically tailored platforms present novel solutions for addressing the growing gap in R&D expenditure versus approved outcomes.

Our pipelines offer sustainable alternatives to traditional chemical synthesis as they are powered by nature, and are completely renewable.

Our Process...

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Identification, Discovery & Cultivation:

Ongoing fieldwork and collaborative programs in biodiverse areas enable the acquisition, study and identification of novel organisms and their compounds.

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Novel Recombinant Technologies:

From here, in-house sequencing and molecular biology facilities enable us to identify and reimagine optimised biosynthetic pathways for expression within our own, tailor-made strains.

Learn more about our technologies below...

Defining Therapeutic Value...

How do we test fit and model potential?

Our proprietary biosensing technology enables a disruptive, high-throughput platform for analysis, profiling compounds of interest for innovation within areas of great unmet medical need.

Brokering A New Era In Natural Product Therapeutics

Biological Modelling:

Our lab is developing new, simplified methods to model biological pathways, disease pathologies and modes of action.

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Screening Technologies:

Endocryne is developing novel technological platforms for screening and validating assets.

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Therapeutic Areas

Healthcare applications...

As a company focused on patient outcomes, Endocryne’s core objective is translating Natural Product R&D discovery to meaningful, real-world, clinical impact.

Learn more about our commitment to improving individual health outcomes.

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Infectious Disease:

Developing assets to combat vector-borne and community-acquired diseases.

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Immune function:

Investigating immunomodulation therapies, with a specific focus on oncology, autoimmune disease, and ageing.


At the forefront of researching and developing new leads for combating pain and restoring typical Neurofunction.

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Wellness markets:

Enhancing the quality and safety of nutraceuticals and natural wellness products.

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Learn about our R&D Assets & our Technology Pipeline

Investors and Partner Engagement...

Endocryne is focused on clinically driven synthetic biology to improve therapeutic potential and patient outcomes.

Placing Natural Product discovery at the heart of innovation and process, we value partnerships and strategic collaborations. Contact us to learn more about opportunities for investment and compound development partnership.

R&D Asset Pipeline:

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Technology Pipeline:

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Our Latest News...


2021 Q1:

Molecular Entomology commences

Endocryne’s first recombinant bioactive insect-derived peptide produced.

Development of antibiotic-free cloning technology

Endocryne commences research into antibiotic-free expression constructs.


2020 Q4:

Astra Zeneca CoSolve Finalists

Endocryne selected as a CoSolve competition finalist, with research proposal for addressing immune disorders.

New Investment, facilities, and bioprocessing capabilities

Additional angel investment enables expansion of research laboratories and acquisition of Applikon fermentation technology for pilot high-cell density fermentations.

2020 Q3:

Successful detection of Metabolite

Endocryne’s ‘yEndo-1’ strain, first independent confirmation of recombinant product.

Optimised Gene Design

R&D expands into non-natural gene designs.

2020 Q2:

Metabolic Engineering commences

New expression constructs are developed allowing for diverse metabolic pathway reconstitution.

Cannabinoid line commences.

2020 Q1:

Bioprospecting commences

International partnership yields new fungal metabolite with significant bioactive potential in Malaria & Oncology.


2019 Q4:

Successful IP Audit

IP audit grant awarded for recombinant platform.

2019 Q3:

Pre-Seed Funding

Swiss based investment provides initial seed funding.

2019 Q2:

Biocity Laboratory

Laboratory opens at leading Scottish R&D Hub.

2019 Q1:


Company incorporation and legal counsel assigned.

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